SJJ – House

10 08 2008

The next spread in the Soul Journal Journey was to create our house in a child like style – enjoyed that loads even though it falls off the bottom of the page.  The right hand side is of the flats on the other side of the green and behind the trees, which is the view from my window.  I am lucky to live where I do – almshouses which are listed buildings within a beautifully green oasis in the middle of the inner city.  A young friend visiting from Spain on her return home reported that,  “Jill lives in a park!”

We were then to collage making a pocket on the main body of the house.  As I am playing catch-up I could see what the next step was to be and this was to make paper dolls which represented our family – an interpretation of that was fine.   I am thinking to do family/relationships spreads later on perhaps – but I really didn’t want to do paper dolls.  Not meaning to offend anyone, each to their own and all that,  but it was just too cute for me – I cannot do cute.  So being who I am I did my house and surrounds but no folks.

My house actually does look like the sort a child would draw, a friend described it as looking like a fairytale house.  Here is my spread before and after collage:


Pages 3,4,5 and 6

4 08 2008

Pages 2 and 3: squares

This spread is all about layering. We were given a list of 27 images to find and put on our pages in any order we chose, previously having coloured the pages with a dark colour.   Returning to this after pages 4 and 5 we were instructed to draw squares etc around pics of our choice and to spread on and wipe off a pale colour.  I did this and ended up with a basically pink page which I really didn’t like at all – hated in fact.  The pictures sank into the page and it just looked awful to my eyes.  I know the point of this is not to make pretty pages, but it is about getting to know ourselves – and I definitely did not like what I had acheived so I decided to go over it with, firstly oil pastels and then paints of various dark hues.  I am much happier with this now and will leave it alone until I decide to fiddle some more :).

Pages 3 and 4: “I forgot to tell you….”

The pages were gesso’d first of all to prep them.  Next the instruction was to write in a stream-of-consciousness style filling both pages, starting with the prompt: “I forgot to tell you…”.   Well, I was surprised at what came out of this for me, it was really quite cathartic, as is often the case when writing in this way.  It ended up as an almost letter to my mother who died earlier this year, many of the things I never got to say.  I knew the next step for this spread was going to be to cover the whole thing up and I really wrestled with this as I felt that what had come out in the writing was important for me and I did not want to suppress it again.  So I left it for a day or so until I came to a firm decision about what I wanted to do:  leave the writing totally uncovered as was my initial emotional response, or follow the instructions and see what happened.   As you can see I opted for the latter, however I did copy the text before doing so – so yeah it was a bit of a cop-out but I am happy with that.  Next it was tape, all sorts anywhere, then gesso, then sanding that lot, then paint.  I like the effect of this and am happy that I am getting to do the sort of backgrounds, many layered, that I have wanted to achieve.


Soul Journal Pages 1 and 2

30 07 2008

I started thisproject a few days late but never mind.

I’ve never been one for starting my journals at page 1 and continuing until I reach the end. I’ve always opened them at any page and just carried on working in that way, a page here and a page there. This has already taught me something new, working in sequence can have benefits! The claiming my book exercise at the start of the book got me straight over that sinking, daunting feeling of a blank book. I’ve done similar exercises before but somewhere in the middle of the book!

The armour exercise was an interesting one for me, ignoring the martial aspects of the armour, I saw it as building a protective shell around what I think the most important part of being creative is… a brave heart.

Page 3 and 4, I was limited by the magazines I had on hand, so I probbly spent way too much time being picky about the pictures, collecting and saving them in order. So much so I missed the word “art”, and I seem to have ended with a very blue page rather by chance than design. I will be going back to the spread to add more drawing.

I’m not sure about the dolls, and if I’ll make those, we’ll see.

Soul Food Treasure Hunt and Taped Pages

30 07 2008

I had a lot of fun with this page, treasure hunting for images. That’s the Mona Lisa Smile in the top left hand corner, followed by Something Beautiful – a full blown rose. On the second line, a traffic light is my Something Red (No Left Turn – probably something deep and meaningful here), some nice stones for Something Blue, a very comfortable looking cat for the prompt `Comfortable’ and a Lotus perfume label for Something Exotic.

Line three starts with Something I Want – this house looks like my second favourite John Williamson song `A home among the gum tees’ (the first is Cootamundra Wattle), followed by Something I Own -I am a believer in impermanence, the only thing I really own is my past – the line ends with something that smells nice -lavender!

Line four stars with Something That Tastes Good – a golden plum- yum! Then I had to find eyes like my own. Mine are green. The circle, the hand and the butterfly are self explanatory, and the letters we had to find cunningly spell ART.

As I am using a large book,everything fit on the one page. We had doodle on the page after, but I used way more than eight words. Just can’t shut up once I get started.

This was fun too – we had to chuck tape all over the pages,sand it off then finish with a colour we hadn’t used before. I chose a mix of green and gold – yes, I’ve used gold before, but I loved it here, blending into the green. Besides, the Olympics start soon, and it seemed the patriotic thing to do.

Soul Journal – Pages 1 + 2

29 07 2008

Believe it or not this is my name page!  I was reluctant to do this – I am not sure why, but once I got started I had such fun – what a great experience – I spent hours, doodling, colouring, sticking, playing.  It really loosened me up.  I am thinking that in all future journals, and where I have space in those I have already done or started I shall make room or tip-in a name page – it is well worth it and definitely shows who owns the book.

I am with Gail in that I don’t do armour either.  This is a drawn copy of an image I created some fifteen years ago – she is one emanation of several protector-teachers that I have – at the time of her creation (she is a stitched tapestry on canvas) She named herself Raven Mother – quite apt eh :).  The mirror at the centre of her chest is to deflect and reflect negativity, the spiral shield I have placed at her crown as it represents for me both internal and external negative criticism and put-downs…the spiral transforming/transmuting these or just spiraling them away from me.  The red stone on the left depicts heat/energy and nature both nurturing and inspiring aspects of life.


My Soul Journal pages

28 07 2008

The Claiming my Book page turned out to be quite hard, as other journalers have found – in my case, I have never found my name to be terribly inspiring anyway. But I struggled on and then realized I had a chance to use my new glittery gel pens and practice some calligraphy – so that’s what I did.

The Protecting Our Creative Souls page also stumped me for a bit. I really had to think about how I do this, because I have never imagined myself with a suit of armour, or any other protective gear – then it struck me. I have always protected myself with the guise of a clown – long ago, when I was growing up as a traveller and performer, I wore clown clothes to hide myself from the audience – I was shy and didn’t really like performing. When I need to protect myself, I do it with laughter, I turn the situation into a joke – I still wear the mask of a clown. After that, it was easy – there is a small suit of armour inside, but it’s the clown who still shields me. I found a paper Columbine doll that I had been keeping for something special and painted a white clown face on her. The background is red and gold paint mixed together – real circus colors.

new soul journal pages

24 07 2008

I’m all caught up now and here are my pages to date….

don’t forget that you can play too….. just visit Caspiana and she’ll tell you the rules!

xoxo Samm