Raven ATC swap

2 10 2007

Here are all the raven ATCs

They have now been posted to the participants and should arrive within 7-10 days. Thank you to everyone who partipated – they are all wonderful


four and twenty blackbirds…

16 09 2007

well Ravens actually….







door to the serpentine road

14 07 2007

 Come on, use the key, step through the heavy wooden doors.

Enter into my Serpentine journey.


 “the beckoning counts and not the clicking latch behind you”  Dame Freya Stark

“Door to the Serpentine Landscape” july 2007

“The Door” is constructed of handmade paper which I made during a fabulous workshop at the Papermakers of Victoria.  Detail is stitched with Gutterman machine embroidery cotton thread and drawn with a Zig marker.  The key is from my personal collection of found vintage objects and is attached with craft wire through eyelets.  The background is a collage of paper torn from the book that this piece is attached into.


Peek through the keyhole.  The Serpentine landscape stretches far beyond these heavy doors.  With all its twists and turns the journey promises to be long and fulfilling.  All the colours of the rainbow are sure to inspire, the artists amongst us.


“From whatever place I write, you will expect that part of my “travels” will consist of excursions in my own mind” Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1809

“Serpentine Landscape” July 2007

The Landscape is a hand woven piece that utilises scraps of yarn, thread, paper and fabric from my personal collection.  The woven piece was sandwiched in Romeo soluable stabiliser and free machine embroidered using Mettler machine embroidery metallic thread.


The landscape as seen through the key hole of the doors.



Landscape detail.


For further detail about my Serpentine journey you can read my entry’s in the Creative Catalogue blog.

Sammiam  www.sammiam.wordpress.com

Up and running, or drawing, painting, sewing….

4 07 2007

Oh, I’m so excited!! This blog is going to be some much fun and a good addition to all the amazing writing blogs attached to the Soul Food Cafe.

I am hoping that you’ll be dying to create visual arts in addition to your writing and using the great creative visualisation prompts from the Bumper Catalogue we’ll have a very colourful blog on our hands.

So, as this journey along the Serpentine Road slowly begins, I have been altering a book to use as my “photo album”. With each new chapter, I’ll be adding something to it and posting the images here. I’d love it if you’d do the same.

In addition to this, we plan to co-ordinate some snail mail art. Imagine, Raven art all over the place!

So, hang onto your feathers girls. Stay tuned for the next installment!