SJJ – pot pourri collage

11 08 2008

The above is the name given to the technique for these spreads by Sarah.  On each of three days we were given a list of various things to do on our pages.  We were then to cut up each of these lists and pick at random the order in which we would work them on a particular day and spread.  I have enjoyed working/playing this way and I now realise that I can use these techniques for work that I have wanted to do for a long time but was reluctant to do in an in-your-face downright obvious way.  Now that I am getting to grips with the layering techniques I feel I can embark on the personal projects that have been gathering much dust in my mind.

Days 16, 17 and 18:





4 responses

11 08 2008

These pages are great. I love the white writing you have used on the green pages. That gives a fantastic effect. I too felt really amazed at this process. I think Sarah has given us much more that just an art journal journey. I think soul journal is a very apt name.

11 08 2008

There’s such a lot of movement in your work – it’s amazing! I particularly like the last one – that would look good hanging on the wall.

11 08 2008

I find the first one (with the silhouette) particularly engaging. Good work!

14 08 2008
Anne Gaal

Wow! I love your pot pourri pages! They have such richness and look so spontaneous and loose! 🙂

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