Soul Journal – Pages 1 + 2

29 07 2008

Believe it or not this is my name page!  I was reluctant to do this – I am not sure why, but once I got started I had such fun – what a great experience – I spent hours, doodling, colouring, sticking, playing.  It really loosened me up.  I am thinking that in all future journals, and where I have space in those I have already done or started I shall make room or tip-in a name page – it is well worth it and definitely shows who owns the book.

I am with Gail in that I don’t do armour either.  This is a drawn copy of an image I created some fifteen years ago – she is one emanation of several protector-teachers that I have – at the time of her creation (she is a stitched tapestry on canvas) She named herself Raven Mother – quite apt eh :).  The mirror at the centre of her chest is to deflect and reflect negativity, the spiral shield I have placed at her crown as it represents for me both internal and external negative criticism and put-downs…the spiral transforming/transmuting these or just spiraling them away from me.  The red stone on the left depicts heat/energy and nature both nurturing and inspiring aspects of life.





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29 07 2008

I am often reluctant to start a project but when I do it takes off. I really resonate to the “Blue Emanation”. Very powerful image.

29 07 2008

These pages are beautiful. 🙂

i’m not very creative when it comes to paper arts, but maybe i’ll do a variation of this digitally…i’ve been seeing all the great stuff here and i’d love to try them too.

29 07 2008

Oh, Jill, this is really the work of an artist. Most eye catching. Looks like fun. I must get myself down to the store to get myself a basic blank journal that I can work with.


29 07 2008

Wonderful pages, Jill. The fun shows and your colors are delectable!

29 07 2008

Just beautiful!!!

30 07 2008

Hi jill

This is very lovely, your sign in says far more about your ownership of the book that what I created. The blue Raven Mother is definately of you, Claire x

30 07 2008

Love your protective spirit. What a magnificent creation.

30 07 2008

hey this is fantastic…. i’m so glad you joined in!

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