colour does the soul good…

27 05 2008

on my return from a weekend artists retreat, exhausted and not really sure which way was up, i needed a little bit of cheering up. i pulled out a collection of papers, a couple of favourite collage books and tubes and tubes of bright paints…… ta dah!

and bound into 8 individual signatures, the following a particular favourite, has become my journal of the weekend retreat’s thoughts and photos….

there’s more here






11 responses

27 05 2008

Lovely works, Samm.

27 05 2008

So rich and sumptuous.

27 05 2008

These are deliciously beautiful with their deep hues and welcoming color.

28 05 2008

Such a colourful display, Samm. It is said that colour is good for the soul…it has healing properties and brings a smile to even the most serious of countenances.

28 05 2008

Yum! Need I say more? 🙂

28 05 2008


28 05 2008

Yay, fabulous colours – always raise the spirit. What a great idea to turn the papers into journals (one I will definitely be copying)..lovely stuff!

28 05 2008

Rich jewel bright colours are my favourites – what beautiful work.

30 05 2008

that must have been a terrific retreat. So glad to see you back amongst us

24 07 2008
Mary Hunt

enjoyed the view…

22 10 2011

I know that every artist’s work is a piece of their soul, but would you ever consider selling some of your art? I stumbled across this page by accident while searching for mixed media art and fell in love instantly. Would you ever consider making a recreation of this piece (the last journal cover pictured) and selling it? I would be extremely interested if you would. Fabulous work. Simply decadent.

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